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Wookies, backseat romance, odd behavior featured in St. Louis Uber driver’s book

Wookies, backseat romance, odd behavior featured in St. Louis Uber driver’s book
05 Jun

ST. LOUIS — In 2015, when brand new Uber driver Greg Triefenbach looked toward his passenger seat at a service dog, it was the first indication that little would be normal about his weekend job.

“This particular dog actually sniffs out cancer, so I just kept leaning into it, like ‘Is there anything wrong with me?'”

Triefenbach’s brother suggested Uber would be an easy way to make some extra money. Soon he was sharing his Uber exploits on a Facebook group called Uberville.

“I like taking a humorous approach to viewing life instead of getting mad about it, so when something crazy would happen I would write to my friends on Facebook,” said Triefenbach.

“Story after story of eccentric behavior by passengers caused an editor friend to tell him ‘I think you just wrote a book,'” Triefenbach recalled.

The result was “Uberville: St. Louis Uber Stories”, available on Amazon. A passenger who sat in the front seat and stared at the Uber driver inspired chapter titles like CreepyMcScaryPants, and allowed Triefenbach to put to good use his sense of humor and his creative writing degree.

“He was sitting next to me but his head completely turned and just staring at me. Wasn’t doing anything, just staring at me with this look and then every, I don’t know, every minute or two, he’d ask ‘You OK, bro?’ and I’m like ‘Yeah I’m OK,” Triefenbach said.

The Halloween chapter had a Star Wars theme when he picked up a drunk woman dressed as Chewbacca.

“Talked Wookie the whole time. It was pretty impressive.”

Backseat romance is a common occurrence, said Triefenbach.

“I never understood why would somebody jump in the back of a car and just start making out?”

Triefenbach has already written nine new stories for a sequel.

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