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Woman stole more than $1m from building company to fund ‘expensive lifestyle’

Woman stole more than $1m from building company to fund ‘expensive lifestyle’
29 Jun

Her crimes were discovered when another director of the company – Marc Marusco – started getting phone calls from creditors whose invoices were not being paid.

The company subsequently went into voluntary administration in 2016.

Ms Martincic’s lawyer Patti Chong agreed with Judge Michael Gething when he suggested the 41-year-old was “regretful” but not remorseful for what she had done.

“She maintains that she was authorised to do what she did,” Ms Chong said.

“We ask your honour to be as merciful as possible in the sentence.”

State prosecutor David Thiering said Martincic’s offences were carried out to finance her lifestyle and that her offending “significantly” contributed to the demise of M3 Residential.

The court heard Martincic had purchased a three-storey $2.7 million home in Applecross and wore designer clothing, some of which was given to her for free by a personal friend who was a designer.

“[The offending] was all done to finance her lifestyle,” Mr Thiering said.

“All of this was planned and calculated.

“She repeatedly and extensively stole money over long periods of time.

“There is no evidence of contrition or remorse.”

Judge Gething said he was satisfied M3 Residential went into voluntary administration as a consequence of Martincic’s actions.

The court was told Martincic had also been declared bankrupt.

“Your offending was not a spur of the moment decision,” Judge Gething said.

“The stealing was in your case deliberate, deceptive and systematic.”

Judge Gething said the offences demonstrated a significant breach of trust and had been “devastating” for Mr Marusco and his business.

Outside court Mr Marusco said: “I’m relieved, I am glad it is over.”

Martincic’s six-year term will take effect from Friday. She was made eligible for parole.

Phil Hickey

Phil is a Fairfax Media journalist based in Western Australia and covers court, crime and police

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