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Woman sparks bizarre craze crafting creepy ‘WerePups’ selling for up to £1000 – and celebrities love them

Woman sparks bizarre craze crafting creepy ‘WerePups’ selling for up to £1000 – and celebrities love them
22 May

A woman has sparked a bizarre online craze crafting creepy ‘WerePups’ selling for £1,000 – and celebrities love them.

Horror fan Asia Eriksen, 34, transforms herself into mad scientist alter ego ‘Dr. Baxter’, before creating her customisable hand-held monsters called ’WerePups’.

The bizarre doll-like creations resemble a hybrid of a baby and a werewolf and can take months of intricate work.

Bought to commemorate a lost loved one, or just for a shocking accessory, Asia has sparked an online cult as fellow horror fans go wild for her creations.

She even had to suspend orders for a year after demand exceeded her physical capabilities.

Asia spends months creating the WerePups
(Image: Caters News Agency)
Alice Cooper pictured with his own WerePup
(Image: Caters News Agency)

Complete with real hair, the pups can sell for anywhere between £500 and £1000, and Asia’s customers even include horror icons such as Alice Cooper and Robert Englund, famous for playing Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street.

But Asia, who created the original WerePup after experimenting with her husband’s art supplies, admits it’s the stories of the everyday customer – such as helping someone to cope with a terminal illness – that keeps her inspired to continue creating.

Speaking to The Wizard of Odd TV , Asia said: “The lab is filled with all kinds of medical oddities collected throughout the years – it creates an atmosphere that helps me get in the mood to create.

“Dr. Baxter is an alter ego I created and he sort of represents all of my obsessive thoughts, stress and passions.

Asia has sparked something of a cult following online
(Image: Caters News Agency)
A WerePup in the making in Asia’s home-based lab
(Image: Caters News Agency)

“It can take a couple of weeks to over a month to make Werepups and I usually have a few on the go at once.

“It takes a long time to root the hair – each one is applied individually – and it’s certainly the most tedious part.

“They have real hair and they’re in silicone, so they have more translucency to the skin – it’s very life-like.

“People buy these for a lot of reasons: some people are just werewolf enthusiasts like me, but others buy them to represent a lost loved one or a pet.”

A WerePup fan holds his own hairy creation
(Image: Caters News Agency)

Asia said some customers even ask for their WerePups to resemble the, with matching features.

She added: “Sometimes people want it to reflect themselves, so I match their eye color, skin tone – and I’ve even been sent human hair before, too.

“A lot of the feedback has been quite emotional for me.

“There are people who have going through terminal illnesses and have told me how much my work has helped them – it makes me very emotional to think about.

“I can’t quite believe that I made something that means so much to people.”


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