Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Woman jailed after urine swap fails

Woman jailed after urine swap fails
27 Apr

An Ohio woman has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after she admitted to using someone else’s urine in a bid to pass a drug test. Kiana Wallace, 24, was convicted of tampering with evidence after the urine she had believed would be “clean” also tested positive for drugs.

Cinema plays horror movie trailer before children’s film

An Australian cinema has caused a “minor panic” after it accidentally screened the trailer for a violent horror film Hereditary before the start of children’s film Peter Rabbit. Parents were forced to cover the eyes and ears of their children as images of a burning body and a teenager smashing his face into a desk, covering it in blood.

University builds ‘cry closet’ for stressed students

The University of Utah has installed a “cry closet” in the library, to provide a space for stressed-out students to take a ten-minute break and calm themselves down. An art installation created by a student at the university, it has met with mixed reactions from other students.


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