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What Are Today’s Headlines?

What Are Today’s Headlines?
26 Apr

The English dailies front paged the MyPPP president’s controversy, the warning towards malcontents within BN and the disappointment of 1MDB president with the lack of attendance by the opposition leaders to his talk.

Kayveas Sacked – theSun spotlights on the sacking of MyPPP President, Tan Sri M Kayveas, who said that he resigned from the party, as MyPPP said they only received his resignation letter after an emergency meeting to endorse the disciplinary committee’s decision to sack Kayveas had been taken.

Oh MyPPP! – The Star also front paged the conflict within MyPPP, highlighting how Kayveas and the party could not agree whether he resigned or was sacked from the party.

Ku Nan: We’ll Kick Out Troublemakers – Barisan Nasional secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor issued a warning that immediate action will be taken against troublemakers, regardless of their position in the party, as they will not tolerate malcontents within the coalition who disrupt unity of the component party, Malay Mail reports.

‘They Are Not Open To Finding Out The Truth’ – 1MDB president and chief executive officer Arul Kanda Kandasamy took a swipe at opposition leaders who did not attend his talk on the government’s strategic development arm to ask any questions about the issues surrounding 1MDB, New Straits Times reports.

The Malay dailies highlight among others, how the opposition are moving their candidates to safe seats in order to stay in Parliament and DUN, GE14 will be an intense election that will see many three-cornered fights, deepening conflict within PKR, police putting forward a theory that the suspects in the gunning down of the Palestinian lecturer might have changed their appearance and how the remains of Dr Fadi is being sent off with much respect.

Pindah Demi Kerusi (Seat Hopping) – Berita Harian highlights how the opposition are desperate to stay in power at Parliament and state level that they moved their candidates to safe seats to the point of denying the chance for grassroots leaders who had served the constituencies to have a chance.

Perang Tiga Penjuru (Three-Cornered Fights) – Three-cornered fights between BN, Pakatan Harapan and Pas will make GE14 the most intense election, Sinar Harian reports.

PKR Bergolak (Crisis In PKR) – The crisis within PKR is front paged on Utusan Malaysia as they report that the crisis within the party over candidate selections is deepening as party members are not satisfied with the candidates selected.

Polis Dedah Wajah Sebenar Pembunuh Dr Fadi (Police Reveal Real Face Of Dr Fadi Killer) – PDRM revealed a new photofit of one of the suspects in the gunning down of Dr Fadi M R Albatsh. Kosmo! reports IGP Mohamad Fuzi Harun said that there is a high possibility that the suspects changed their appearance to avoid detection.

Gema Syuhada (Echoes Of The Syahadah) – Harian Metro reports how the syahadah can be heard when the remains of Dr Fadi arrived at Surau Medan Idaman, Setapak, before being flown off to his homeland in Gaza, Palestine.


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