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Today in politics

Today in politics
11 Apr

The circumstances of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape remain something of a mystery.

The 2005 “Access Hollywood” recording first surfaced about a month before Election Day, damaging Donald Trump’s campaign at a key moment. In the recording, Trump could be heard off-camera bragging about being able to sexually assault women.

NBC has long held that it was about to broadcast the tape when The Washington Post obtained and published it.

According to the network, the tape sat on a shelf for years before being discovered during the late stages of the presidential election.

It is unknown how many people at NBC had access to the tape.

The Post published the video on October 7, just a month before the 2016 election. That same day, the Obama administration accused the Russian government of hacking the Democratic National Committee and meddling in the presidential election. Soon after, The Washington Post published the Access Hollywood tape and then WikiLeaks began publishing stolen emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta within an hour of the tape’s release.

A source with knowledge of the matter said NBCUniversal, which produces “Access,” has not been contacted by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office or the Southern District of New York. There has been no subpoena, the source said.

An NBC spokesman declined to comment.


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