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The power of a little extra care

The power of a little extra care
07 Jun

A 2011 survey from the Australian Psychological Society found 52 per cent of Australians listed their financial health as the number one cause of their stress, above even personal health and family.

This is on top of the one in five people aged between 16 and 85 who will experience mental illness, according to the Black Dog Institute.  Over 40 per cent of Australians will experience mental illness in their lifetime.

For Williams, the co-founded Mindstar, an online mental health and wellbeing tool, these are important figures for advisers to consider.

“Think about 20 per cent – one in five of your workplace, of your kid’s school, of your street, of your family, he said. “One in five.”

This of course extends to clients, too.

An actor and long-time campaigner on cancer issues, Johnson said the key to broaching the subject – with clients and anyone else – was “intellectualised and finely tuned empathy.”

“That understanding you have for them – they can be aware of that without you telling them you are there for them.”


For clients who own and operate small businesses the risk is increased, according to Williams. A 2017 study found 24 per cent of entrepreneurs said they had become physically unwell due to the effect of business-related stress.

“More than two-thirds of small-business operators have experienced personal challenges including fatigue, financial stress, loss of motivation or relationship strain because of their work,” Williams said. “More than one in 10 small-business owners have been diagnosed with depression stress or anxiety at some point.” 


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