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The Juggle is Real for Today’s Travel Managers

The Juggle is Real for Today’s Travel Managers
03 May

Today’s travel managers say they have multiple priorities and challenges to juggle including traveler satisfaction, the safety and security of employees and the increased requirements of millennial travelers.

Those are just some of the issues identified by a poll of attendees at the recent IHG Expo, an annual event hosted by InterContinental Hotels Group for travel buyers, bookers and managers.

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One in three travel managers said traveler satisfaction is a top priority, while three-quarters of travel managers said they find catering to millennials complex, according to the survey.

In addition, 52 percent of respondents said they believe personalization will have the biggest impact on corporate travelers.

Duty of care, cost management, and policy compliance have long been key focus areas for travel managers, according to IHG.

However, the snap poll revealed additional priorities travel managers face when putting together a travel program.

A desire to work with trusted brands was identified by 28 percent of those who participated in the survey. The safety and security of employees was also named as a priority by 19 percent.

“Satisfying their traveling community is made even more challenging by the different generations of traveler they need to cater for,” stated the IHG release.

Almost three out of four people surveyed, 73 percent, confirmed that catering to the needs of millennial travelers is noticeably different to that of other generations, due to millennials having different expectations from hospitality, seeking more flexibility, being more demanding of technology and increasingly seeking that ‘wow’ factor to share on social media during their trips.

Looking at the future of travel, more than half of travel managers, 52 percent , believe increased personalization, such as the ability to select in-room amenities, room type or floor, will have the most positive impact on their travelers.

This was followed by 31 percent who believe additional benefits from loyalty programs would be well received by travelers, and 28 percent who consider fully mobile check-in/check-out options as having the most positive impact on corporate travelers.

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