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Stick shifts and lug nuts offered up as theft deterrents

Stick shifts and lug nuts offered up as theft deterrents
13 May

Q: Does the auto industry have any plans to provide one odd-sized lug nut for each wheel to deter theft?

— T.G., New Lenox, Ill.

A: One odd-size lug nut would probably do nothing to stop a determined wheel thief. One odd nut would probably just annoy professional service technicians. If you are worried about theft, we suggest you buy a set of locking lug nuts. They are available at all auto parts stores and most big-box stores that sell automotive accessories. Although they are not foolproof, locking nuts might at least deter a would-be bad guy. Just be sure to provide the lug nut key to the shop doing your service. Waiting for someone to bring in the key will absolutely, positively annoy the service tech.

Q: I just got an oil change and an attempted tire rotation at the local Ford dealership. The service tech said they could not easily remove the lug nuts because they were swollen from moisture and bad weather conditions. These are the second set of lug nuts that I purchased in three years and Costco had the same problem. The Ford service person said I might want to use solid, one-piece lug nuts, but they wouldn’t look as good. The dealership wanted an extra half hour of labor to remove swollen lug nuts and $140 for new Ford lug nuts. I refused. Are there any lug nuts that can hold up for my Ford Fusion?

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