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Science comes alive

Science comes alive
28 Jun

A colourful demonstration wowed students from Whyalla Town Primary School on Wednesday afternoon in a preview of what’s to come at the Science Alive! expo at University of South Australia this Sunday.

Two experiments were conducted by Science Alive! Event Director Brian Haddy on Hummock Hill, the first was a soapy chemical reaction while the second produced a stunning fireball.

The students helped Mr Haddy conduct both experiments, getting them in the spirit for Science Alive!

“Science Alive! is about helping all people, particularly children, get more excited about science,” Mr Haddy said.

“Somehow science has got a bad name over the years and people think it’s something that only bright kids study. What we’re showing through Science Alive! is that science explains more about the world around you.”

Members of the Dalek Builders Association will be showing off their droids and possibly a stormtrooper at Science Alive!, while native animals, slugs and bugs, and science experiments will also be on display.

One of the main attractions will be the Bubble Man, who has created the world’s largest indoor soap bubble.

“He’s coming to Whyalla for the first time, that should be fantastic,” Mr Haddy said.

“Science isn’t just about spectacular demonstrations, it’s also about learning more about the world around you. It’s about asking ‘how does that work?’ or ‘why is this so?’.

“That’s what we’re trying to encourage these kids to do.”

GFG Alliance are sponsoring the event, and Communications Manager Sean Kelly says it’s a ‘perfect’ fit for the company’s Community Support Program.

“We’re always keen to support initiatives that provide development and learning opportunities for local youth,” he said.

“The organisers do a fantastic job of making science exciting for young kids, so it’s a great way to get them interested in science and possibly consider it as a career path.”

Science Alive! will be at the UniSA Whyalla Campus from 10am to 3pm on Sunday.

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