Thursday, 16 August 2018

Royal wedding memes to waste time with today

Royal wedding memes to waste time with today
20 May

In case you missed it, a large, good news event occurred on the weekend. And, when there is a large good news event (or, at least, a large not bad news event), the meme mill starts a-turning.

Surprise that special person in your life with a 3pm feed tag or DM slide featuring some of the best meme content from this weekend’s royal wedding.

The reaction memes

Move over, Homer Simpson backing up into the bush. The royal wedding has given us a whole new set of pictures and GIFs at which we may remark: “it me.”

The overly excited pageboy

Seven-year-old twins Brian and John Mulroney, the sons of Meghan Markle’s best friend, Jessica Mulroney, were in the spotlight on Saturday as part of the troupe of junior bridesmaids and pageboys who helped Markle down the aisle. No-one knows which of the identical twins pulled this face while performing his duties (honestly, Kensington Palace, put out a statement), but this kid was bloody stoked to be there.


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