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President Trump speaks at NRA convention

President Trump speaks at NRA convention
04 May

President Trump at the NRA convention called attention to the “red flags” that were present before the Parkland school shooter carried out his attack. 

“There has never been a case where more red flags have been shown,” Trump said, as he promised his administration was “working to improve early warning systems.”

Since the attack, Trump has repeatedly brought up alleged missed signals. The day after the shooting, the President suggested on Twitter that the shooting could have been prevented, noting that those who knew the shooter “knew he was a big problem.”

Trump, during his NRA speech today, called attention to the modest measures he signed into law in the wake of the Parkland shooting, but made no mention of the series of reforms he called for in its immediate wake, which the NRA opposed. Trump made no mention of his past support for raising the age of purchase for certain firearms, his calls for “comprehensive” gun law reforms and his support for expanding background checks.

Instead, he focused on the bill he signed into law which included $2 million in school safety funding and modest improvements in reporting to the background check system — all measures supported by the NRA.

Trump also said more needs to be done to “harden certain schools.”

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