Friday, 17 August 2018

Police called to Ikea shopping trolley fight

Police called to Ikea shopping trolley fight
14 May

Police were called to an Ikea in southeastern Germany after a fight broke out between customers, leaving one woman with a head wound. Local reports say that the fight began when three customers had a disagreement over whose shopping trolley had right of way in the busy store.

Man hid legless girlfriend from police in a storage bin

A Florida man has been arrested after he hid his legless, fugitive girlfriend in a storage bin when police arrived to detain her. The woman was wanted for failing to attend court over a botched armed robbery at a fast food outlet, where she was shot and subsequently lost both legs.

Truck driver butchers ‘naughty’ pig next to a busy road

Drivers in eastern China were reportedly horrified at the sight of a truck driver slaughtering and butchering a pig by the side of the road. The truck driver reportedly said the animal was “being naughty” and harassing other pigs on the way to the abattoir, so he took the drastic action for the safety of the rest of the livestock.


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