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Pocketalk: Your No. 1 travel hack for adventuring in Japan

Pocketalk: Your No. 1 travel hack for adventuring in Japan
01 May

Have you ever wanted to have the ability to instantly translate Japanese without dedicating hours of your life to stuffy textbooks? You’re not alone: language barriers are a tricky thing, and can make travelling an intimidating and sometimes stressful experience — especially in places like Japan where the existence of multilingual food menus at restaurants can be surprisingly scarce and where train systems can be mercilessly confusing for first-time travelers.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a clever little device that could let you verbally communicate with anyone at just the touch of a button?

Well, dear traveler, your polyglot dreams have come true. What was once only possible in works of science fiction — with the help of the TARDIS from “Doctor Who” or some otherworldly futuristic technology — is now here and ready to make your travels a whole lot easier. Meet Pocketalk: your No. 1 companion for instant Japanese translation.

What is Pocketalk?

Pocketalk is a simple device that allows users to instantly translate Japanese to your native language and vice versa. Just tap one button, speak into the device and listen as rapidly translated Japanese spills back. Press another button and the speech of your Japanese-speaking acquaintance is just as easily translated back to you.

Lightweight. Fast. Easy to operate. Pocketalk is the ultimate device for stress-free Japanese translation while traveling in Japan.

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