Sunday, 23 September 2018

Petition launched to drink foul sarcophagus fluid

Petition launched to drink foul sarcophagus fluid
23 Jul

More than 16,000 people have signed an online petition requesting permission for people to be able to drink a foul red fluid recently discovered in an Egyptian sarcophagus, “so we can assume its powers and finally die”. Health experts have warned that the fluid – which is believed to be a mixture of leaked sewage and decaying human remains – is “likely to be highly toxic”.

Baby born in restaurant offered free food for life

A Texas couple has revealed that their newborn daughter has been offered free food for life, after delivering their baby in the bathroom of a local fast food outlet. The Chick-fil-A franchise owner has also promised the baby girl a job at the restaurant once she turns 16.

Chicago named rat capital of the United States

New York City has relinquished one of its least pleasant titles, after Chicago was revealed to be the rat capital of the United States. The number of complaints made by residents about the current rat plague in the city has risen to more than 50,000 per year, a 55% increase since 2014, according to local authorities.

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