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OPINION: Vilification of Trump reflects treatment of Reagan

OPINION: Vilification of Trump reflects treatment of Reagan
01 May

IF YOU are old enough, and most in the media are not, you will remember when Ronald Reagan was elected as president of the US.

There was much gnashing of teeth by the public and media commentators how crook life would be under the leadership of a B-grade Hollywood actor.

How wrong were they because it was Reagan who brought down the Berlin Wall, and eventually the downfall of the USSR.

If you are too young to know about the USSR, then google it.

Today we have the same vilification and public outcry targeting Donald Trump.

Yet he has done more in one term that the Democrat President Clinton and Obama did in 16, moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and now after 65 years the leaders of North and South Korea meet to arrange a Peace Talk.

I contend that Trump’s no more political, diplomatic nonsense from those who threaten global peace and the US been the guardian of that global peace.

Of course, the Australian socialist left and cyber-clown of social media will not accept my opinion, well, as I am nearly my 80th birthday, I do not care for their opinion either.

Australia’s political leaders should study Trump’s form and formula, understand the history of this nation and return to those policies that created the country we are.

The only strategy that has priority is those policies and actions that benefit the people of Australia.

The future of us all is the care and responsibility of all governments, global matters in which we have little influence must never take precedence over our wants and needs.

Robert S Buick

Mountain Creek


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