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Notre Ami: Terrebonne High alumnus gives back to school

Notre Ami: Terrebonne High alumnus gives back to school
04 Jun

Tim Lucas is proud of his alma mater – Terrebonne High School. As a 1995 graduate, Lucas is always looking for a way to give something back to a place he holds close to his heart.

Lucas and a group of Terrebonne High alumni came up with an idea that offers them a chance to reconnect with old friends and give back to the Houma school. After a year of planning, their idea came to fruition in 2013, and the alumni softball tournament has become an annual event.

“We take a lot of pride in the success that we’ve had through the event,” said Lucas, who played football and track and field at Terrebonne High. “It started off with an idea to put together an alumni tournament as a reason for everyone to get together. It gave us a reason to socialize with people we don’t get to on a regular basis.”

At the time of the first event, Terrebonne was one of only a few local high schools that did not have an alumni softball tournament.

Lucas, 40, a training officer for the Houma Police Department, said the tournament has led to the formation of the Terrebonne Alumni Softball Tournament Board. Lucas serves as its president, and other board members are Angie Pitre Lucas, Caleb Mott, Stephanie Pitre Mott, Michael Trahan and Kyle Fields.

The board also works to raise money for the school.

At the time of the first tournament, Lucas said, the board was not sure how much, if any, money would be raised.

“We went into it with the idea that if we made some money for Terrebonne High that would be lagniappe,” Lucas said. “But the first year we were able to give back the school $26,000.”

The tournament has raised more than $140,000 in the past five years.

Lucas said all of the money goes back to Terrebonne High and is split evenly between the athletic department and the school’s general fund.

Terrebonne High Athletic Director Joe Clement said the entire school appreciates the board’s hard work and effort

“It’s something we look forward to use and give back to our student-athletes,” Clement said. “It’s been very helpful for our school and athletic department the past few years.”

Recently, the board elected new officers to serve two-year terms, and Lucas will take over as treasurer. The board is also in the process of filing for 501c3 nonprofit status.

Lucas said having the school’s support has been a major plus.

“I would like to give a huge shout out to the Terrebonne High administrator, faculty and staff because without all of the supporting the event and working the event there is no way we could do this,” he said. “It’s been a team effort.”


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