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Let’s save Malaysia from divisive politics

Let’s save Malaysia from divisive politics
17 Apr

Malaysia needs unity and political stability, and Malaysians who put the country first, not leaders only interested in pursuing power.


Malaysian unity and solidarity: is it at risk from politicians pursuing power?

By Maululana Karnain

The slogan “Save Malaysia” has been used for election campaigns by both sides in politics, especially with the general election just around the corner.

On the opposition front, the slogan is used by those who claim Malaysia needs to be saved from being led by a corrupt and irresponsible government. Barisan Nasional, meanwhile, says Malaysia must be saved from the opposition, whose only aim is to obtain power.

Each claims to want to save Malaysia. Allegations of misconduct, abuse of power and corruption are made into a reason to save Malaysia. For example, we often hear that the country will go bankrupt. For decades, this has been a reason to save Malaysia. We need to save Malaysia, defend the people’s agenda, uphold democracy, demand justice – ironically, it is all for the sake of obtaining power.

Although “Save Malaysia” has been used as a political slogan, it is rarely seen as a collective effort to safeguard the nation’s interest. It is always a slogan used when politics and the struggle for power are the main agenda.

Why not use “Save Malaysia” in line with maintaining political stability, without which the country’s economic and social wellbeing could be undermined? “Save Malaysia” can also be interpreted as saving Malaysia from harshly challenging politics.

Ironically, the opposition today wants to save Malaysia from being governed by a corrupt leadership. But one of the people leading the campaign was also once said to be corrupt, and was opposed during the political struggle led by Anwar Ibrahim in 1998.

This defies the logic of “Save Malaysia” in its true sense.

Malaysian politics is a conflict zone: there is no room for stability, which further exacerbates the situation. This is not an attempt to save Malaysia, it is a non-viable effort to ensure certain interests.

All countries need unity and political stability. They need leaders who will place the interests of the people and the state at the highest level. Saving Malaysia should ensure that solidarity is guaranteed and the interests of the people and nation are prioritised, not merely to guarantee the acquisition of power.

This is just my perspective, which does not have much effect on party politics.

Perhaps from a political point of view, power is necessary and whatever needs to be done to gain or defend power should be done. But this is definitely not an attempt to save Malaysia.

Malaysia will not be safe if those who are corrupt accuse others of the same. It doesn’t help Malaysia if “Save Malaysia” is only used to obtain support in the quest for power.

Saving Malaysia is far greater than that. We need to save Malaysia from disunity, and ensure political stability by settling democratic demands in the best possible way.

We need to be honest with ourselves. “Save Malaysia” needs to be genuine. If we are honest in our efforts to strengthen Malaysia and safeguard the country’s interest, it is important to maintain harmony by putting the country ahead of ourselves and, most importantly, implementing more noble politics.

“Save Malaysia” is about caring about each other, to ensure that we remain united and do not put our interests first. We need to save Malaysia from our own desires.

Maululana Karnain is an FMT reader.

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