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Egypt participates in Kazakhstan International Travel & Tourism Fair 2018

Egypt participates in Kazakhstan International Travel & Tourism Fair 2018
20 Apr

CAIRO – 21 April 2018: Red Sea and South Sinai governors Ahmed Abdullah and Khaled Fouda participated in the opening of Kazakhstan’s International Travel & Tourism Fair 2018 to promote tourism in Egypt.

For his part, Abdullah stressed that Egypt is a safe country and that the tourism industry is witnessing a huge boom thanks to its revamped beaches and high-quality lodging and residences.

The governor also stressed that the Red Sea governorate is working to increase the number of airports, in coordination with the relevant authorities, to take in all visitors coming to the Red Sea’s different tourist destinations.

The Red Sea and South Sinai governors have jointly held several meetings with senior Kazakhstani officials as well as representatives from major airline companies in Kazakhstan in order to increase the number of Cairo-bound flights.

They also discussed and exchanged views on working to increase the quota of tourists coming from Kazakhstan to Egypt and vowed to work on overcoming all potential obstacles in this regard.

Moreover, Kazakhstani officials expressed that Kazakhstani tourists have a strong liking for Egypt’s charming landscape and its great year-round climate.

Having been held from April 18 to 20, the international fair brought together senior officials and exhibitors from all over the world.

Over the past period, the Red Sea governorate has witnessed a remarkable European tourist turnout; German visitors recorded the highest numbers of tourists coming to Egypt, Abu Hajaj Al-Amari, a tourist expert, said on Friday.

He added that hotel occupancy rates in the Red Sea reached 6 percent, attributing the increase in numbers of tourists to the political instability of Turkey, which has been predominantly European holiday makers’ most favorable destination, and also to the rise in the tourism promotion campaigns earmarked for overseas travelers, most recently including the Berlin Stock Exchange Conference held in March.

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