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Donna Knight: Thanks, Mom, you were the best

Donna Knight: Thanks, Mom, you were the best
27 May

Recently we celebrated what I consider to be one of the most important holidays of the year, Mother’s Day. How I wish my mom was still here to enjoy that holiday with her family.

I remember when I was a child how very important that day was to our family. Dad would buy Mom the largest card he could find and got Mom a dozen red roses. I think it was the only time Mom ever got flowers from him. He also always got her a large yellow box of Whitman’s chocolates. Though I know Mom loved chocolate, she always passed those chocolates out to us kids every time she opened the box.

I remember how each of us kids would try to make the best gift for Mom. Most of us would draw our own cards on paper and color them carefully, each one trying to make the best and most colorful card. We all were trying our best to get that special smile that only our beautiful Mom had.

I can remember picking her bouquets of dandelions, clover flowers or wild violets from the yard, and she loved those bouquets like they were the same roses Dad bought her.

Mothers are such an important part of our lives, and now that mine is gone, I find I am thinking of her more than ever and the importance of a mother in a family.

I finally realize the impact she had on my life and how she was the rock and foundation of our family. I owe a lot to her for becoming the person I am today.

Mom believed in her Catholic faith and was devoted to the church. We had a holy water font hanging by the font door, and everyone entering or leaving our home would use it to make the sign of the cross. Mom also had a devotional altar to the Virgin Mary, where she lit a candle and we kids picked fresh flowers for it every day. We also prayed the rosary as a family every Sunday night before bed in our small living room. It was my Mom who instilled in me the deep faith I still practice today.

Mom expected each of us to do our best in school, and most of us were on the honor roll all through grade school and high school. I give Mom the credit that I excelled in my education and value education so much today for my grandchildren.

We had lots of chores to do because our family was so large, 10 children, but there wasn’t much grumbling as we did what was expected for the good of the whole. I think that is why I feel obligated to give back to my community today and volunteer as often as I can to help others.

My Mom told me once that her motto in life had been make at least one person smile per day. Wouldn’t that just be the best motto for everyone?

Yes, Moms are the best. I was lucky and blessed to have the incredible mom I had, even if she isn’t with me now. Whenever I walk into church, whenever I encourage someone to go for that diploma, whenever I let someone cut in front of me at a store and that person just beams at me, I say, “Thanks, Mom, you were the best.”

— Donna Knight is a freelance writer and artist in Houma.


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