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Davy: We trained once last week for 20 minutes – were still flat

Davy: We trained once last week for 20 minutes – were still flat
04 Jun

Wexford manager Davy Fitzgerald said his team were ‘flat’ against Galway in Saturday’s Leinster championship game and speculated that they were probably suffering the effects of playing so many weeks in succession. 

After beating Dublin and Offaly over the previous fortnight, Wexford were soundly beaten by the reigning All-Ireland champions on their own home turf on Saturday evening. 

Fitzgerald is keen to stress that Galway are “an awesome outfit” and were deserved winners on the day but he suggested that his own team might have put in a better shift had it not been their third game in as many weeks. 

Speaking on The Sunday Game on RTÉ2, Fitzgerald said he contemplated switching things up all throughout the game but insisted that such tinkering is futile if your team is continually losing battles for possession.    

“Normally, we’re full of energy and full of life and play different to what we played today. Now, some of that was down to Galway. I’ll tell you they’re an awesome outfit. But I just felt we were a bit flat today.  

“If you look at most of the 50/50 balls today – you’re there on the sideline thinking, ‘can you do this move or that move, can you change this shape or do whatever’ – but at the end of the day, you’ve got to win those 50/50 balls. 

“We didn’t win them today. There was only one team that was going to win that game today and that was Galway.”

Wexford’s Lee Chin and Galway’s Johnny Coen clash in Saturday’s Leinster championship clash

Fitzgerald noted that both Kilkenny and Offaly’s performance levels dipped sharply in their third week in a row and wondered whether his team – despite their light training regime this week – might have been similarly sapped. 

“We had to get up for the first two (games) because we had to qualify, no matter what.  

“To tell you the truth, we trained once last week for 20 minutes. So, you think you’re going to be fresh. We didn’t seem like that today. We weren’t committing in the tackles. 

“If you look at the teams that played their third week last week. Kilkenny probably were a bit flat against Galway. Offaly were the same thing. We had that today so I’m dreading to think what it’ll be like next week. I might put out the other 15 I have there!” 

“You’d like to go down to Kilkenny and give it a game. Is it a true reflection of a team playing week after week after week. I don’t know. 

“We are in no doubt that Galway were the better team today and beat us all over the place. But I just think we are a lot better than we were today. If we were a bit fresher, we would be a lot better than that.”


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