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Changes at Havasu MVD aim to keep customers happy

Changes at Havasu MVD aim to keep customers happy
14 May

If you’ve been to the Motor Vehicle Division’s Lake Havasu City office recently you may have noticed a few changes, a major one being less sitting and more standing after the agency eliminated most of its chairs at the start of the year.

Other recent changes include expanded hours, offering more services online and adjustments to customer service procedures – all meant to decrease wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

“Our vision is to get people out of line and safely on the road, nobody likes to come in and stand in line anywhere so we’re relentless to drive down that time to as low a humanely possible,” said Assistant Communications Director for Customer Outreach Doug Nick.

One major change – called “Silent Call” – is the elimination of taking a number, sitting and waiting to be called. Instead, explained Nick, customers are first greeted at the counter by an MVD employee who will ensure there is no missing paperwork or other potential issues.

“What used to happen is you get a number and then you sit down and your number would be called, then you go to the service window and that’s when you would find out if you have a problem…so you’ve wasted all that time,” he said.

If a problem is not discovered, customers will still be given a number and directed to a standing line that will give them the quickest service possible. According to Nick, each line handles specific transactions for the day, making it easier to funnel customers through.

“The goal here is that you’re here for such a short period of time, you don’t need a chair,” said Nick, adding that there are still a few chairs available in the office and that customers could request a chair if needed.

Since implementing the changes, the average wait time has dropped from nearly an hour two years ago to 22 minutes, Nick said.

The agency also has expanded its online services. Now, about two-thirds are available at, according to Nick, including learner’s permit testing and eTitle. He explained that eTitle allows a title transfer from one vehicle owner to another without going to into an office.

In February, Havasu’s MVD began opening its office at 7:30 a.m. – about a half-hour earlier than in previous years. This allowed the agency schedule flexibility so that it may serve customers during busy times, such as lunch.

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